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2021 Conference

Detailed Program
Presidential Address (Steve Deller)
RSAI Fellows Lecture (Adan Rose)

2019 Conference

Alonso Prize Lecture
Presidential Address

2018 Conference

Detailed Program (Updated 12/5/2018)
Presidential Address (Mark Partridge)
RSAI Fellows Lecture (Jean-Claude Thill)
Isserman Lecture (Jouke van Dijk)

2017 Conference

Detailed Program (Updated 10/18/2017)

2016 Conference

Professor Dan Rickman’s Presidential Address
Detailed Program (Updated 10/19/2016) (PDF)
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2015 Conference

Professor William Strange Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Professor Richard Church’s Presidential Address (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 10/30/2015) (HTML)
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2014 Conference

Prof. Janice Madden’s Presidential Address (PDF)
Prof. Roberta Capello’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 10/30/2014) (HTML)
Participant Index (Updated 10/16/2014) (HTML)
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2013 Conference

Prof. David Boyce’s 50th Consecutive North American Regional Science Meeting
Prof. Henk Folmer’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 11/13/2013) (HTML)
Participant Index (Updated 11/8/2013) (HTML)
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2012 Conference

Prof. Bill Anderson’s Presidential Address (PDF)
Prof. David Plane’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 11/08/2012) (HTML)
Participant Index (Updated 11/08/2012) (HTML)
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2011 Conference
Prof. Gilles Duranton’s Presidential Address (PDF)
Prof. Richard Church’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Program at a Glance (Updated 10/18/2011) (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 10/21/2011) (HTML)
Participant Index (Updated 10/21/2011) (HTML)
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2010 Conference
Program at a Glance (Updated 10/04/2010) (PDF)
Detailed Program (Updated 10/26/2010) (HTML)
Participant Index (Updated 10/26/2010) (HTML)

2009 Conference
Prof. John McDonald’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Program (HTML)
Participant Index (HTML)
Timetable (PDF)

2008 Conference

Prof. Anna Nagurney’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)
Preliminary Program (HTML)
Participant Index (HTML)
Timetable (XL)

2007 Conference
Program (HTML)

Prof. David Boyce’s Fellows Lecture (PDF)

2006 Conference
Final Program (5MG PDF)

2006 Conference Transcript: Presidential Plenary Roundtable: Infrastructure, Investment and Economic Growth and Development

2005 Conference
Final Schedule Overview (205K PDF)
Final Program (1.26MG PDF)
2005 NARSC Program Searchable Abstracts

2004 Conference
Final Program (PDF)

2003 Conference
Final Program (PDF)