Conference Registration

Dear Conference Participant – NARSC is delighted that you will be joining us in San Diego, California for the 2023 North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) held jointly with the Spatial Econometrics Association (SEA). Every year, NARSC signs a contract with a hotel to serve as the venue for the conference. As part of the contract, NARSC promises to fill a certain number of room nights. If we fail to fill our contracted room block, NARSC must pay the full nightly cost of each unfilled room. This is the reason why we offer a discounted rate for conference participants who stay at the conference hotel. More information about how to book a room at the conference hotel is available on this page.

Individuals who are members of RSAI, also receive discounted registration. This is one of the benefits of RSAI membership. If you are unsure about your RSAI membership status you can check it by looking at the RSAI Members List which can be found here.

You may register for either the NARSC or SEA sessions, or choose to have access to both!

You can pay for the conference using a credit card via our secure registration portal. This is the same page where you submitted your abstract.

If you need to pay by check or bank transfer simply circle the appropriate fee and follow the instructions that are found at the bottom of the table. All registration fee prices are expressed in US dollars.

Refund Policy

For any cancellations received before September 15, 2023, NARSC will retain $50 of your registration fee to cover credit card and related handling charges. For cancellations received between September 15, 2023 and October 28, 2023, $100 of your registration fee will be retained. For students, $25 of the registration fee will be retained for cancellations through October 28, 2023. For any canceled workshop, guest reception and luncheon orders, $25 will be retained for cancellations until October 28, 2023. Refund requests should be submitted to NARSC’s Executive Director, John Sporing. Under no circumstances will refunds be issued after 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on October 28, 2023. If, however, it becomes impossible for you to attend after October 28, you may optionally transfer your registration to an alternate participant that you have identified by contacting NARSC’s Executive Director, John Sporing.