Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many frequently asked questions.

Q: Who should I contact for questions about the RSAI conference organized by NARSC?

Please contact the following individuals:

  • Abstract/Session submission: Meeting Savvy CEO Brad Smith
  • Online Registration System: Meeting Savvy CEO Brad Smith
  • Conference Sponsorship: NARSC Executive Director John Sporing
  • General questions: NARSC Executive Director John Sporing

Q: I am a foreign national. Do I need a visa to enter the United States?

Information about visa and other requirements to enter the United States can be found on the following website

Q: I need a formal letter of invitation to participate in the conference. Who should I contact?

Please contact NARSC Executive Director John Sporing by e-mail, listing your name, affiliation, and title of the paper.

Q: My company/organization is interested in exhibiting at the NARSC conference and/or sponsoring the conference. Who should I contact?

Please contact NARSC Executive Director John Sporing by email.

Q: Can one person present multiple papers at the conference?

Yes, a researcher is allowed to author/co-author multiple presentations at the conference. However, no researcher can be the primary author of more than two (2) papers.

Q: In case I have to cancel my conference participation after registration, can I obtain a refund of my registration?

The refund policy is posted on the conference registration web page.

Q: I would like to participate in the NARSC Graduate Student Paper Competitions. Who should I contact?

First, please check the information available on the relevant NARSC web page. If your questions are not answered, please contact John Sporing by email.

Q: My institution requires me to provide a certificate of participation in order to be reimbursed for my conference related expenses. Who should I contact for this matter?

Please contact NARSC Executive Director John Sporing by email after the end of the conference. Provide your name, affiliation, title of the paper presented, and cost of the registration.  An official certificate of participation will be emailed to you promptly.

Q: What does “earmarking an abstract” mean?

To be placed on the conference program, a paper needs to have at least one co-author pay their registration fee by September 15th. This is the “earmarking” process. Earmarking can be done in the User Area on registration fees have been paid. An author can earmark two (2) papers at most. Beyond two papers, the author should ask a co-author to earmark abstracts. Papers that are not earmarked by August 15th will not be scheduled in the conference program.

Q: What are the duties of a session chair?

Session chairs are responsible for making sure the session starts and ends on time, and that each paper starts and ends on time. If a presenter does not show, that slot should be held ‘open’ so that people arriving for a later paper do not miss the paper they are interested in. The chair is also responsible for providing a laptop for the session to use. Additional details will be in the conference abstract guide.

Q: What are the duties of a discussant?

Each paper is assigned a discussant to review and comment on a paper. The discussant should come prepared to provide approximately 5 minutes discussion of the paper. Possible speaking points include its merits and questions are methods, data, or findings. As a presenter, we ask that you share your paper (or PowerPoint presentation) with your discussant as early as possible.

Q: Is it possible to sign up for a workshop alone?

Yes, you do not have to be registered for the conference to participate in a workshop; you will pay a higher workshop registration fee, however.