RSAI Awards & Prizes

RSAI AwardsThe RSAI offers awards and prizes in addition to those sponsored by NARSC and the North American regional organizations. Visit the RSAI website for additional information on the awards and prizes listed below.

RSAI Fellows Awards
In 2001, the RSAI Council initiated the RSAI Fellows Award to honor a select group of members of the Association who have made important scholarly and research contributions to the field of regional science. RSAI members are invited to nominate distinguished scholars for consideration to become Fellows of RSAI. The nomination process can be initiated by any member of RSAI and consists of a letter of nomination, detailing the scientific merit and contribution of the nominee and an up to date curriculum vitae. For further information, check the RSAI web site. (

The Hirotada Kohno Award for Outstanding Service to the RSAI
The Award honors and thanks a member of the RSAI who has provided long and outstanding service to the development and organization of Regional Science and to the development and management of RSAI at the International and/or Supra-Regional, including an outstanding contribution to the development of Regional Science at the Local Section level. It recognizes outstanding service to the RSAI has incorporated service extending beyond the local level and which incorporates service of an international nature. The Award is established to recognize and honor the outstanding service contribution Professor Hirotada Kohno has made to the Regional Science community, and especially his role in the development of PRSCO and the Japan Section of RSAI.

The Martin Beckmann RSAI Annual Award for the best Paper in Papers in Regional Science
The Award recognizes annually a regional science scholar or scholars who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in Regional Science research through the publication of a paper of outstanding merit in Papers in Regional Science. It is made annually for the best paper published in the Issues comprising an annual Volume of Papers in Regional Science. The award is established to recognize and honor the outstanding career and contribution of Professor Martin Beckmann, an internationally recognized regional scientist and economist of outstanding merit, and who is a foundation fellow of the RSAI.

The Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award for an Early Career Scholar from a Developing Country
The Award recognizes the outstanding potential of an early career researcher from a nation in the developing world and in which there is a formal Section of RSAI, and seeks to encourage the development of the early career scholar as a high quality researcher in the field of Regional Science and as a participant in the international Regional Science community. The Award is established to recognize and honor the outstanding contribution Professor Peter Nijkamp, a Fellow of RSAI and an outstanding regional science researcher, has made to the encouragement and involvement of young scholars in regional Science research and activities.

Regional Science Association International Founder’s Medal
The Founder’s Medal was established to recognize lifetime contributions to the field of Regional Science and to the Association. The criteria established for the award are as follows: the recipient should be a senior scholar who has contributed in an important way to the field of Regional Science in a scholarly sense; the recipient should have been active in the RSAI for a sustained period, but not necessarily active at the time of the award; also, the award is not given posthumously; the recipient should be a person with whom many members can identify; his/her contributions could be a major work in one area or many works in several areas; he contribution need not be limited to one type of contribution; it might be theory, method or policy, for example; it is recognized that the native country and language of scholars affect the extent to which they are known by the membership, and an effort should be made to take this into account.

RSAI Dissertation Contest
The Association encourages doctoral-level scholarship by sponsoring each year the RSAI Dissertation Contest. Dissertations must focus on a regional science topic and represent a substantial contribution to research. The Association invites the submission of dissertations in the field of Regional Science to the annual competition.