Stuart Rosenthal

Stuart Rosenthal

The North American Regional Science Council is pleased to announce Stuart Rosenthal as recipient of the 2013 Walter Isard award for his many contributions to Regional Science. Stuart Rosenthal completed his PhD at the University of Wisconsin in 1986 and has served as successively as staff economist for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and as faculty at the University of British Columbia, Virginia Tech, and the University of Syracuse since 1999.

While it is not possible to summarize briefly Stuart Rosenthal’s many contributions to regional science, a few of them can be highlighted. His work with Stuart Gabriel shows an important tension between the locations that firms prefer and where households would like to locate. His work on agglomeration with Will Strange has explored many hitherto unknown aspects and determinants of agglomeration including the range at which agglomeration economies operate and the importance of local market structure. His work on neighborhood dynamics with Jan Brueckner has highlighted some interesting cyclicality and proposed a convincing explanation for it based on the life cycle of housing structures. His recent work forthcoming in the American Economic Review has taken this approach one step further by demonstrating the empirical importance of “filtering” in the supply of housing for low income households. Finally, some of his recent work has focused on fixing some problems in housing finance in the US.

His many technical contributions have included widely-read papers on congestion and city sizes, spatial externalities, and the theoretical analysis of systems of cities. His work on agglomeration and the location of firm headquarters combine modern economic and geographical theory to analyze important policy questions about the efficiency of cities.

Beyond these widely cited contributions, Stuart Rosenthal has also provided outstanding leadership as general editor for the Journal of Urban Economics and past president of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association among others.

The North America Regional Science Council is pleased to designate Stuart Rosenthal as recipient of the Walter Isard Award for 2013.

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