John Current

john-currentJohn Current served unselfishly and effectively as the first Executive Director of the North American Regional Science Council from its organization at the 1989 North American Regional Science meetings in Santa Barbara through 1994. John was invited to attend a meeting of a small group of section secretaries and session chairs because of his highly successful organization of the location modeling sessions from 1985 onward. When the task of making and coordinating arrangements for the 1990 meetings was discussed, John volunteered. It was a key time period for NARSC, and John was one of a small group of pioneers who worked together to launch and nurture the healthy organization that we now enjoy. He organized the hotel contracts, conference fees, and finances for the annual meetings, which was often a tricky matter for a new organization with five constituent parts and little margin for financial error. He went about his work quietly, allowing the program chair to be the visible face of each meeting and to receive public recognition for the meeting’s success. Few participants were even aware of the essential services to NARSC that John performed. For his role as the quiet, selfless leader whose path finding contributions made easier the work of all future Executive Directors and contributed immensely to the successful launch of the organization, the North American Regional Science Council wishes to recognize the special contribution of John Current to the advancement and support of Regional Science in North America and beyond.

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