Abstract/Session Submission

To register for the conference or submit an abstract online you must first login to the User Area. Submissions will be accepted through July 1st.

More details about registration methods are available by clicking here.

Regular Sessions

If you are not a participant in a pre-organized session, the NARSC Program Committee will place your paper into the most appropriate session available. Please choose your keywords carefully to help steer your paper into the most appropriate session.

To request participation in the conference as a regular paper presenter, the following items need to be submitted:

* Name of authors and their affiliations

* Title of the proposed presentation

* Abstract (2,000 to 5,500 characters and spaces)

Organized Sessions

To submit an organized session (discussion panel or paper session), the following items need to be submitted:

* Session title, description, organizers, chairperson, and discussants

* Organized sessions should comprise 4 presentations and a discussant for each presentation

* For each presentation, author(s)’s name and affiliation, title and abstract (2,000 to 5,500 characters and spaces)

Organized sessions can also be in the form of a Panel. Panel Sessions can consist of 4-6 participants. These sessions are 120-minute discussions among the panel and audience members. Formal presentations are not to be part of panel sessions.

This year, we ask that panels or organized sessions be submitted all at once. Prospective session organizers should assemble all titles, authorship information (email and affiliation, please use the correct email address) and abstracts before beginning the submission process.


On the organized session page you will see space to provide the panel/session title, a brief description and to specify organizers and/or discussants.








After scrolling down you will see space to add individual papers or presentations.

Should you have questions about the submission process, please get in touch with support@meetingsavvy.freshdesk.com.




Once notification of acceptance of an abstract or organized session has been received from the Program Chair, all participants are required to register and pay the conference registration fee by August 15th in order to confirm placement on the Program. In no case will a paper or Abstract/Session Submission session be included on the Preliminary Program posted on or around September 1 unless all relevant participants are registered. In the case of a paper submission, this means payment by at least one (presenting) author. In the case of an organized session, this means payment by at least one (presenting) author for each of the included papers in the session. An author cannot present more than two (2) papers; that is, an author cannot secure the inclusion of more than two papers on the program. Any additional papers will not be included in the program.

To guarantee the placement of a paper on the conference program, one author needs to pay conference registration fees AND earmark the paper. Acceptance letters will be e-mailed to submitting authors on or around July 15. Please review the instructions provided in this email message to register and earmark abstracts. If you have questions about this process, contact the Program Chair Laurie Schintler .

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