Conference Registration

The conference is scheduled for November 13-16, 2019. Workshops and tutorials are scheduled on Wednesday. Paper sessions will take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Conference Registration Fee Includes:

• Wednesday evening ice-breaker reception

• Access to plenary sessions, exhibits, and break-out paper sessions

• Conference program

• Coffee/tea breaks

• Thursday evening reception

• Saturday luncheon

Participation in workshops and tutorials requires the payment of an additional fee. Registrants are responsible for their own accommodation and meals (except for the Saturday luncheon).

Late Registration Surcharge

A late surcharge will be added to your registration fee if you opt to register after 5:00pm EST on October 27, 2019. We strongly discourage you from registering in person at the conference venue. The late fee also applies to students. The surcharge helps defray costs for walk-in registration services at the conference.

Non-conference Hotel Surcharge

Note also that attendees who do not register for an overnight stay at the conference venue (Omni William Penn) incur an additional surcharge of US$150. This helps defray costs charged in the event that we do not meet the conference venue’s room-night quota, and the incentive helps us to continue to negotiate excellent discounted hotel rates for future conferences by preserving a good “history” of room pickup. (This surcharge does not apply to students or to attendees with a local business address, i.e., in the Pittsburgh area.)

Refund Policy

For any cancellations received before September 15, 2019, NARSC will retain $50 of your registration fee to cover credit card and related handling charges. For cancellations received between September 15, 2019 and October 27, 2019, $100 of your registration fee will be retained. For students, $25 of the registration fee will be retained for cancellations through October 27, 2019. For any cancelled workshop, guest reception and luncheon orders, $25 will be retained for cancellations until October 27, 2019. Refund requests should be submitted to NARSC’s Executive Director, Neil Reid. Under no circumstances will refunds be issued after 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on October 27, 2019. If, however, it becomes impossible for you to attend after October 27, you may optionally transfer your registration to an alternate participant that you have identified by contacting NARSC’s Executive Director, Neil Reid. Please note that this year we are offering a special discounted rate for retired faculty who are also RSAI members.

Registration Fee Schedule

Before you register please confirm your RSAI membership status. You can do so at If you are an RSAI member you should register at the RSAI membership rate. If you are not an RSAI member you should pay the non-RSAI member rate. If, on checking your status, your name does not appear as an RSAI member you must register at the non-members rate. If you have a question regarding your RSAI membership please contact Elisabete Martins at

When you register make sure that you register for NARSC 2019. The NARSC shopping cart is also used by other regional science organizations and in the past people has inadvertently registered for the wrong conference.


(By August 15, 2019, 5pm EST)

Advance Registration (August 15, 2019, 5pm EST to October 26, 2019, 5pm EST) Late / On-site Registration

(After October 26, 2019)

RSAI Members
Regular Attendee $320 $390 $475
Regular Attendee, including surcharge for not staying at the Omni William Penn $470 $540 $615
Retired Faculty & Post-doctoral researchers $280 $350 $425
Retired Faculty $ Post-doctoral researchers, including surcharge for not staying at the Omni William Penn $430 $500 $585
Student Registration $195 $255 $305
Non-RSAI Members
Regular Attendee $390 $460 $545
Regular Attendee, including surcharge for not staying at the Omni William Penn $540 $610 $695
Retired Faculty & Post-doctoral researchers $350 $420 $495
Retired Faculty and Post-doctoral researchers, including surcharge for not staying at the Omni William Penn $500 $570 $655
Student Registration $230 $290 $340
Charges for Non-Conference Guests
Saturday Guest Ticket (includes 2 receptions & Saturday Awards Lunch) $100


about workshops and tutorials is forthcoming.


Reception and Awards Luncheon

Saturday Awards Luncheon/Wednesday & Thursday Receptions



Registration Payment Methods

For online registration with credit cards, we accept only Mastercard, Visa and EuroCard. To pay by check, you will need to register online in the User Area and then mail in a check with the PDF registration form that you can download in the User Area. Note that payments by check must be received by the above-stated deadlines to receive the relevant rates. For electronic fund transfers, please add $20 to your registration.

Accessing the NARSC Website User Area

To register for the conference and/or submit an abstract or session you must first login to the User Area. When you reach the login page of the User Area, you will be asked to click on a link and enter your e-mail address (username) so we can check if you are already in our database. You should be ready to proceed if you attended the North American Meetings of the RSAI in the last five years and/or the most recent conferences of WRSA, RSAmericas, or Mid-Continent/CRSA and remember your password. If you have used the NARSC website to register for an earlier conference, but have forgotten your username/password, or are a member of a North American regional science organization but never attended a North American Regional Science Conference, you most likely are in our database. When you attempt to access the User Area you can request that your username/password combination be e-mailed to you to use to login. If you are not in our database, you will need to register for a free NARSC user account and then you will be able to register for the conference and submit an abstract. If you have questions about logging in, please send an e-mail to Meeting Savvy CEO Brad Smith.

Adding Registration Items and Obtaining Receipts for Payments

You can always come back to your User Area to add items. Receipts may be accessed in the User Area at any time for payments that you have made. Please use this facility whenever you wish to verify your registration status or need to print out a receipt for a travel reimbursement claim and/or your records. (Those paying by check will receive an emailed notification when the check has been received.)

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