Stevens Graduate Fellowship

The Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science was established in 1998 in memory of Dr. Benjamin H. Stevens (1929-1997), an intellectual leader whose selfless devotion to graduate students as teacher, advisor, mentor, and friend continues to have a profound impact on the field of Regional Science. Graduate students enrolled in Ph.D. programs in North America are eligible to compete for the Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in support of their dissertation research in Regional Science.

Faculty at all North American Ph.D. programs are asked to encourage their best students to apply for the Twentieth Stevens Graduate Fellowship, which will support the winning student’s dissertation research in the field of Regional Science with a fellowship of $30,000 for the 2020-2021 academic year. The application deadline is February 15, 2020. Full submission guidelines may be found at

Margaret Bock, a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at West Virginia University has been selected as the winner of the Twentieth Annual Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science. The Fellowship will provide a 2020–2021 Academic Year stipend of $30,000 to support Ms. Bock’s dissertation research entitled, “The Road Less Traveled: Economic Analysis of Roads and Highways.”

The research investigates the connection between roads and highways on several aspects of urban and rural locales including commuting, mortality, and mayoral elections. The results of this dissertation will be of wide-ranging interest to regional scientists and policymakers given current interest in the state of infrastructure in the United States, poising Ms. Bock to make several scholarly and practical contributions. Ms. Bock’s doctoral research is supervised by Joshua Hall, Professor and Chair of Economics at West Virginia University.

In addition to selecting the Fellowship recipient, the Selection Committee identified two applicants as meriting special recognition in the 20th Annual Competition:  Melissa Haller, Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), supervised by David Rigby; and Sydney Schreiner, Ph.D. student in Agricultural, Environmental, and Developmental Economics at The Ohio State University, supervised by Mark Partridge.

The Committee thanks the 24 students who entered the competition in 2020, as well as their dissertation supervisors.

The 20th competition winner and finalists will be recognized at the awards banquet luncheon of the upcoming November 11–14, 67th North American Meetings of the RSAI in San Diego, California.

Faculty at all North American Ph.D. programs related to the interdisciplinary field of Regional Science are encouraged to have their best students apply for the Twenty-First Annual Stevens Graduate Regional Science Fellowship. The winning student’s dissertation research will be supported during the 2021–2022 year with a one-year stipend of $30,000. The application deadline is February 15, 2021. Full submission guidelines will be posted at

This 2020 Stevens Fellowship competition is being overseen by a Selection Committee composed of: Elizabeth Mack, Geography, Michigan State University (Chair); Amanda Weinstein, Economics, The University of Akron; Daoqin Tong, Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University; Nicholas Nagle, Geography, University of Tennessee, and Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  The Stevens Fellowship Committee administrates the Stevens Fellowship Fund on behalf of the North American Regional Science Council; its members are: Tony Smith, Chair; David Plane, Secretary; Michael Lahr, Treasurer; Janet Kohlhase; and Neil Reid, Executive Director of NARSC.

The Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science has been awarded to the following students:

2000  Michael J. Greenwald (University of California,Irvine; Marlon Boarnet, advisor)

2001  Rachel Franklin (University of Arizona; Brigitte Waldorf, advisor)

2002  Jung Won Son (University of California-Los Angeles; Leobardo Estrada, advisor)

2003  Alison Davis Reum (North Carolina State University; V. Kerry Smith, advisor)

2004  Nicholas Nagle (Univ. of California-Santa Barbara; Stuart H. Sweeney, advisor)

2005  Xiaokun Wang (University of Texas at Austin; Kara Kockelman, advisor)

2006  Joshua Drucker (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Harvey Goldstein

and Edward Feser, advisors)

2007  Alvin Murphy (Duke University; Patrick Bayer, advisor)

2008  Paavo Monkkonen (University of California, Berkeley; David E. Dowall, advisor)

2009  Elizabeth Mack (Indiana University; Tony H. Grubesic, advisor)

2010  Adam Storeygard (Brown University; J. Vernon Henderson, advisor)

2011  Peter Richards (Michigan State University; Robert Walker, advisor)

2012  Ran Wei (Arizona State University; Alan Murray, advisor)

2013  Zhenhua Chen (George Mason University; Kingsley Haynes, advisor)

2014  No award made

2015  Ahmadreza Faghih Imani (McGill University; Naveen Eluru, advisor)

2016  Nick Tsivanidis (University of Chicago; Chang-Tai Hsieh, advisor)

2017 Lindsay E. Relihan (University of Pennsylvania; Gilles Duranton, advisor)

2018 Daniel Crown (The Ohio State University; Mark Partridge, advisor)

2019 Prottoy A. Akbar (University of Pittsburgh, Randall Walsh, advisor)

Fundraising in support of the Stevens Fellowship began in 1998, and is ongoing. In recent years, donations were also received in memory of two former colleagues of Benjamin Stevens at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Reiner (1931-2007) and Walter Isard (1919-2010).

Donations may be sent to: The Stevens Fellowship Fund, First Financial Bank, Attn: Danville Trust Department, One Towne Center, Danville, IL 61832 USA. Checks should be drawn to The Stevens Fellowship Fund. Donations may be made by logging into your account at “Login to User Area” and clicking on the Register/Donate button. If the donor desires, a donation made in memory of an individual will be acknowledged on this web page.

Sustaining donations to the Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Regional Science Fellowship Fund are being made by:

David Boyce 

Quaker Hill Foundation

Ronald Miller 

Tony and Judith Smith

North American Regional Science Council

Donations in memory of Benjamin Stevens were received from the following individuals:


Luc Anselin

Marcus Berliant

William Beyers

Peter Blair

Roger Bolton

David Boyce

Gerald Carrothers

Manas and Pradipta Chatterji

Benjamin Chinitz†

Leslie Curry†

Stan Czamanski†

Michael Dacey†

Nazir and Nasreen Dossani

Masahisa Fujita

Janet and Shelby Gerking

Arthur Getis

Alexandra Tsvetkova

Nicholas Garcia

Norman Glickman 

Reginald Golledge†

Harvey Goldstein

Peter Gordon

Daniel Griffith

J. W. Harrington

Britton† and Ruth Harris

Walter Isard†

Andrew Isserman†

Laveen Kanal

Maureen Kilkenny

Hugh and Linda† Knox

Janet E. Kohlhase

Robert Kuenne†

Yoshi and Glenn Kumekawa

William Latham

Martin Meyerson†

William Miernyk†

Joshua Drucker

Ronald Miller 

Gordon Mulligan

Peter Nijkamp

Anna Nagurney

Charles Perry†

David Plane

Karen R. Polenske

Thomas Reiner†

Adam Rose

Noboru Sakashita†

Tony Smith

Michael Teitz

George Treyz†

Shirley Weiss†

Mike† and Penny Winton

Yimin and Fengxiao Zhuang

Stevens Family Members

Neil Reid

Sergio Rey

† indicates deceased

Donations in memory of Benjamin Stevens were received from the following organizations:

Blackwell Publishers Freddie Mac Foundation Quaker Hill Foundation

Donations were received from the following past recipients of the Stevens Fellowship:

Joshua Drucker 

Rachel Franklin

Michael Greenwald 

Jung Won Son

Xiaokun Wang 

Elizabeth Mack

Donations in memory of Thomas Reiner were received from the following individuals:


Peter Blair

David Boyce

Manas and Pradipta Chatterji

Peter Gordon

Naoru Koizumi 

Susan Viuker Lieberman

Janice Madden

Mark Menchik

Ronald Miller

Anthony Mumphrey 

Eugene Smolensky

John Tofflemire

Donations in memory of Walter Isard were received from the following individuals:


Luc Anselin

Thomas Barringer

Marcus Berliant

Peter Blair

David Boyce

David Bramhall

Manas and Pradipta Chatterji

Al-Hassan Conteh 

Leo Feller

Shang-Hsing Hsieh

Tschangho John and


Janet Kohlhase

Janice Madden

Mark Menchik

Ronald Miller 

Atsuyuki Okabe

David Pines

David Plane

Michael Teitz

Mark Wilson

Donations were received from the following past recipients of the Stevens Fellowship:

Joshua Drucker 

Rachel Franklin

Michael Greenwald 

Jung Won Son

Xiaokun Wang
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