Alessandra Faggian

Alessandra Faggian is the 2015 recipient of the Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Award for distinguished scholarly contributions by a PhD graduate in the last ten years.   Alessandra is Professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at the Ohio State University.  She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Reading in 2005.  Dr. Faggian’s research on innovation has made ground-breaking contributions to our understanding of how regional knowledge spillovers lead to innovation.

In widely cited joint research with Roberta Capello, Faggian identified specific paths by which spillovers occur.  They identified relational capital—relationships established between firms, institutions and people that stem from a sense of belonging and a capacity for cooperation coming from a shared culture—as specific mechanisms creating innovation.  They provided econometric analyses quantifying the contributions of specific forms of relational capital to innovative activities in Milan, Piacenza, and Cadore.

Faggian’s Oxford Economics Papers article with Philip McCann identified and econometrically demonstrated another important mechanism of knowledge spillover: specifically, the spillover between universities and industry.  They show that these so-called spillovers are really the movement of university graduates into firms within a region, and not some looser spillover existing “in the air.”

While concentrating on understanding the links between creativity, local innovation and growth, Alessandra has also expanded our understanding of migration, human capital, and labor markets.  She has co-authored over 50 academic publications appearing in journals such as Papers in Regional Science, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of Economic Geography, Feminist Economics, and Geoforum.  Her work has been cited almost 1,700 times in Google Scholar, 1,383 times in the last five years alone, and over 500 times in ISI.

Her support of regional science research as co-editor of Papers in Regional Science and as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Regional Science and Regional Studies are also appreciated.

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