Ronald E. Miller

Ronald E. Miller has been a pioneer in the development of interregional input-output models and interregional linear programming models. He had a distinguished teaching career at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Regional Science program, where he directed numerous doctoral students and edited the Journal of Regional Science for decades. Ron Miller made his first key contribution while a senior undergraduate at Harvard. He used input-output analysis to evaluate the economic impact of the aluminum industry on his native region, the Pacific Northwest. This paper was published in The Review of Economics and Statistics—an accomplishment that has to be mighty rare for undergraduate students. As a graduate student at Princeton, he developed and applied an interregional linear programming model. He continued early in his career to make major contributions to spatial approaches in both input-output and programming models.

Miller was awarded the Ira Abrams Award in 1988 by the University of Pennsylvania for the by-then legendary quality of his teaching. His books on input-output modeling and optimization are models of clarity. Input-Output Analysis has over 350 citations and remains the authoritative reference book in the field. His students remain faithful devotees to their mentor, citing his inspiring teaching as the model to which they aspire. Many of them paid tribute to Ron on his retirement with a festschrift that addressed many issues covered in his numerous papers on input-output models.

Spatial relationships play an important part in Regional Science models and theories, but few of these frameworks have been developed well empirically. In his research papers spanning three decades, Ronald Miller conducted extremely clever and innovative investigations that have taught us about interregional feedback and connectivities as well as about principles governing the specification of regional economic models widely used all over the world today. For his many distinguished scholarly contributions to the field of Regional Science, the North American Regional Science Council presents Ron Miller the Isard Award for outstanding contributions to the field of Regional Science.

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