Roger Bolton

Pavlos Kanaroglou and Roger Bolton

Pavlos Kanaroglou and Roger Bolton

Summa cum laude graduate of a fine liberal arts college and distinguished professor for four decades at another, Roger E. Bolton has not hesitated to use his role as book review editor of the Journal of Regional Science to give a liberal arts education to regional scientists worldwide. For twenty years, he has used his position as Book Review Editor of the Journal of Regional Science to create the most stimulating review section in all the urban and regional journals world. He has turned matching authors and reviewers into an art. Reflecting his own intellectual curiosity, his broad knowledge, and his love for places and all matters urban and regional, each issue of JRS draws readers’ attention to a great range of books and opens up worlds of potential regional science research.

Roger Bolton served for five years co-editor of International Regional Science Review, including special issues on regional dimensions of Chinese economic reforms and regional input-output analysis that demonstrate once again the range of this compleat professor’s intellectual curiosity and contributions. His own research has spanned from the milestone Defense Purchases and Regional Growth published by Brookings in 1966 to regional modeling and policy to his present work on economic interpretations of a sense of place.

His penetrating insights and helpful suggestions to authors always delivered on time explain why no regional science journal editor ever allows him to retire. Cumulatively, Roger Bolton has served over 80 years on the editorial boards of Journal of Regional Science, International Regional Science Review, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Growth and Change, and Annals of Regional Science. Now it is time for Roger Bolton to receive our thanks and the David Boyce Award for distinguished service to regional science.

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