Harmonized tract data to 2010 boundaries

This post was written by admin on January 30, 2012
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For those working U.S. Census data over time, researchers at Brown University have developed the Longitudinal Tract Data Base: http://www.s4.brown.edu/us2010/Reseacher/Bridging.htm

The system now includes two sets of files in which census data from 1970-2000 have been recalculated into 2010 tract boundaries. One set is full-count data (the 100% variables from Census 1970-2000 as well as Census 2010). The other set is sample data (the one-in-six variables, like socioeconomic status, from Census 1970-2000 and the variables from American Community Survey 2006-2010).

Comparable data will become commercially available in the spring. In addition, the system includes tools that you can use to translate any data — not only census data — that were collected for census tract areas for 1970-2000 into areas for 2010. For example, if you had tract-level crime data for 1990, you could convert it to 2010 tracts. This may be helpful in many applications.

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