Special Sessions – Call for Papers

NARSC 2018
Call for Submissions
Special Session(s) on:

  1. Entropy, Complexity and Spatial Dynamics: A Rebirth of Theory? See attached.
  2. Rural/Regional Development.  See attached.
  3. Transportation, Housing, and Accessibility.  See attached.
  4. Geocomputation. See attached.
  5. Location and Spatial Analysis.  See attached.
  6. Human Capital and Labor Market Outcomes in Brazil.  See attached.
  7. Migration and Demography. See attached.
  8. Agricultural Innovation, Productivity and Regional Economic Growth. See attached.
  9. Regional Disparities in Latin America.  See attached.
  10. Housing Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.  See attached.
  11. Innovations in Extended Input-Output Modelling in Regional and Multi-Regional Systems.  See attached.
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